My thoughts on the state of South African publishing industry, if not the world’s.

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Very quickly, please have a listen to this brilliant episode on a South African radio show this morning (Radio Today – 18/04/2017). It was an excellent platform for a few writers and publishers to get together and discuss the current revolutions taking place in South African publishing.

Small gaffe on my side; it’s a learner-to-teacher ratio of 40-1.

I also spoke about ideas from my previous posts, being ‘How to educate yourself as a Writer‘, ‘The Ides of a South African March‘, and ‘The Art of South African Storytelling‘.

“Jozi Today Interview: 18 APRIL 2017: Gillian Godsell (@GillianGodsell), Sarah McGregor (@clockwork_Books), Abi Godsell (@cyanseagull), Thabiso Christopher (@CamiloChris), Lorraine Sithole (@BookWormers, @Worms4Books), Gus Silber (@gussilber Bookstorm), Brenda Wardle (@BrendaWardle) of the “Radio Today’s Jozi Today’s Podcast” podcast on PodOmatic.