The Third Industrial Revolution

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Just a quick update – I’m at the end of publishing the Falling Dream! It’s been a long road to this complex, challenging and difficult novel, spanning over 8 years to get here. But it’ll be here soon!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently; I’ve been working on my short film and two feature films to keep an income, but if you’re able to, please come to my Patreon page at the top of this website and help me out 😁 Just by contributing $1 a month, you’ll be helping me be as prolific as possible, ensuring that you get a constant stream of stories and thought-provoking content!


Now, onto the topic of the post, this documentary caught my eye recently, and I believe it’ll enlighten the world in an intimate manner about the great crisis of our 21st Century – the Third Industrial Revolution. I’ll be working on a few stories in the future regarding this, as I believe it’s the story of our time!

Enjoy, and let me and the producers of the documentary know your thoughts by commenting below and on the video’s webpage!