The Falling Dream Synopsis

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The book is coming out later this month on Amazon! It’s been a long journey for this novel and I’m happy to bring it to you! Here’s a tease for you!

The Falling Dream is a story set during the pseudo-crackdown and demagoguing that precedes a national general election in South Africa; a country where the former liberators have become the present oppressors.

The story follows three men struggling to survive against the consequences of the government’s corruption; Thabo, Theunis and Fourie.

Thabo is a Black youth fighting to escape from the working class by getting into university. But he is torn between the legacy of his people and his desire to succeed. And to succeed is for him to stand against a government attempting to curtail the potential of the youth.

Theunis is an Afrikaner engineer struggling to save his grandfather’s company against the State determined to scapegoat it, but in doing so, is forced to face the failures of his past, and what those horrors mean for his future.

And Fourie is a Coloured policeman tasked with capturing a monstrous killer, one whose game of cat-and-mouse drives the officer to the edge of his morality, as he tries to save them all before the paralysing crackdown on his corrupt station shuts down the investigation.

It is a story of those struggling to succeed in their beloved home; those faced with the consequences of their stereotypes and prejudices. Those willing to lift up their Falling Dream.