Book: The Dreams of a New Land

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The Dreams of a New Land by T.C. Christopher

As a collection of short stories, the Dreams of a New Land tells the tales of a multi-racial and multi-cultural South Africa, a land plagued with a dark and violent history. However, it also shows an African people searching for a new narrative beyond that of a post-Apartheid country – one to guide them through the trials of crime and corruption plaguing the once Rainbow Nation.

From the quiet hopes of a fisherman and his wide-eyed son to the tragic encounter of a reluctant farmer defending his family, this book tells of extraordinary people dealing with their country’s new dilemmas. So while the mixed-race couple fight to look ahead to a South Africa free of prejudice, a mother remembers its Apartheid past to search for a way forward for her sons.

The Dreams of New Land looks at a country ready to tell its multi-sided story, and at a people searching for the elusive South African identity. And through its moving and dynamic stories, it begins the journey to find the nation that Mandela once dreamed of.