I love Star Wars and the prequel trilogy because I grew up with them. But I also saw A New Hope well before I saw A Phantom Menace. And it was on that big screen that I first saw Darth Vader.

And so began my journey through the Star Wars Saga. Because of this, I see both trilogies as one complete story. The prequel trilogy informs us of how it all began before Luke piloted his first X-Wing. Before Yoda showed Luke the power of the Force by raising that same X-Wing out a lake. Before Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon outwitted an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Before the Death Star terrified the Rebellion into near-submission; before a handful of bold and defiant guerrillas, led by a determined and strong woman, delivered its demise at the cost of their own lives.

Before Darth Vader lifted the Emperor and threw him into the abyss.

They tell us of the tragic tale of Anakin Skywalker. And when viewed as one overarching journey for the boy named Ani, the prequels complete the narrative when Luke takes off Vader’s helm to see his father’s kind but tired smile.

Now he is an old and broken man; no longer is he the young and powerful Jedi, or the wrathful Sith he later became.

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Just how could a man with such kind eyes become the monstrous Darth Vader, one who often butchered a room of defenceless rebels without mercy?

From his journey of desperate longing and betrayal to turmoil and redemption, let’s explore one of the great tragic figures of modern storytelling, one responsible for turning George Lucas’s magnum opus into the series that enthralled millions, if not hundreds of millions, of fans around the world for many years.

The Tragic Tale of Darth Vader.

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