What is Spotlight?

These are stories and articles highlighting intriguing ideas behind books, films and other artworks. Deep and insightful, these articles aid in figuring out life and its many complexities, throwing our preconceptions and greatness into the spotlight.


Let’s find out why Logan is Jackman’s best film to date, why it defies the state of masculinity in the modern world, and reminds us of what America stands for.

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Under Moonlight, Black Boys Look Blue

Moonlight. It's a masterpiece of poetic filmmaking.Let’s find out why.

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On The Argentine Tango

Let’s explore the Argentine Tango, and why the Tango is the ultimate dancing expression of a subtle and knowing but wordless story between the masculine and the feminine.

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On John Steinbeck

What makes John Steinbeck a literary genius? Is it in the type of stories he wrote? Can the answers be found in his books? Is it in The Pearl, The Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden, or Of Mice and Men? Is it in his style? Or is it in all things John Steinbeck? Let's find out.

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The tragic tale of Darth Vader, and why THAT Rogue One moment reminds us who he is

From his journey of desperate longing and betrayal to turmoil and redemption, let's explore one of the great tragic figures of modern storytelling, one responsible for turning George Lucas's magnum opus into the series that enthralled millions, if not hundreds of millions, of fans around the world for many years. The Tragic Tale of Darth Vader.

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The Art of South African Storytelling

Let's find out how great and artful South African storytelling can be.

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Why I’m doing this

First up, I’ll be posting about things you may find obtuse, informative or just entertaining. Whether it’s a book, a writer’s principle, politics, social change, or just a beautiful woman

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