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Sisonke Msimang’s Public Lecture on the State of South Africa’s Identity

I am proud of and enamoured by Sisonke Msimang. Have a read of this excellent except from her public lecture last week! It was mind-blowing, absolutely shattering, and confirms my

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My thoughts on the state of South African publishing industry, if not the world’s.

Very quickly, please have a listen to this brilliant episode on a South African radio show this morning (Radio Today – 18/04/2017). It was an excellent platform for a few

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The Art of South African Storytelling

Let's find out how great and artful South African storytelling can be.

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The Ides of a South African March

Okay, here’s my end of March rant because I’ve had enough of South Africa’s chaos, and of standing aside by not speaking out about it. And for this, I’ll need

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Why I’m doing this

First up, I’ll be posting about things you may find obtuse, informative or just entertaining. Whether it’s a book, a writer’s principle, politics, social change, or just a beautiful woman

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